Thoughts back on 10+ years with Penny


For those who don't know, Penny's been pretty ill lately and isn't going to be with us for much longer. I've been looking back at old photos of her, and I thought I'd share some of my favorites. I've been pretty sure it was her last day several times this week, but she keeps bouncing back, and she's still happy to be around. I know it's hard to imagine her happy for friends who've only ever seen her evil side, but maybe some of these pictures will convince you. ;-)

10 Years Ago...


A lot happens in ten years. I can only imagine how much can change in the next ten.

Building a USB stick to boot machines to Debian Linux Live desktops


The Problem
I had a goal. It sounded simple. I wanted to make a classroom full of machines boot up to Live Debian Linux desktops, so they could maintain their Windows installations unchanged. I am aiming to utilize these machines in an upcoming DynEdu class I'm working on at Dyn. This is a classroom full of relatively simple machines that will use WiFi to connect to the network. What I learned can hopefully help just about anyone who wants to make custom Debian bootable USB sticks.


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