Wow - been awhile again...


I finally got my pictures from our Bryce Canyon trip posted! Still sorting them out a bit on my Flickr stream too get my favorites organized. So, hey everybody! It's been awhile and I'm trying to get to bed now, so I won't actually update much beyond just saying I got the pictures done!

Animals Caught on Security Camera


We have a video security system and every once in a while it picks up some interesting shots of animals in our yard. I find the ones of the birds trying to nest near it amusing. The deer caught me a little off guard; we never see deer this far into our yard and out of the protection of the woods. We also see hummingbirds and turkeys.

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IEEE Sections Congress 2011 & Fun Stuff in San Francisco


I had the distinct honor of attending IEEE Sections Congress. Sections Congress is only held every 3 years and brings together IEEE members from all over the world to set the direction of IEEE, engage is networking, and get some serious training. Since it is only held every 3 years they tend to pull out all the stops. They had a few speakers that I found to be very outstanding. The first was Grant Imahara from Myth Busters, who is a member of IEEE. Grant detailed his career and experiences.

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Racing Against Leukemia again!

Hey folks - I'm raising money again for Racing Against Leukemia again and I'd like your help! This year, I'm matching donations I get up to $500, so please donate to my page and support a good cause.

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By the way, I just drove the SoloRu today for the first time since the 2009 Solo National Championships. It was awesome, and much faster than I remember. Woohoo!


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