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Aeryn's here!

We took a stab at some maternity photos. I think I did alright for having never done that before!

2014-10-03 Update: More ultrasound pictures to share! And we found out it's a girl - people seem to be happy about that on Facebook too! We updated the FAQ below accordingly!

The announcement on Facebook got a lot of attention. The first pictures are out. The adventure begins!


When's the baby geek expected to arrive?
The official due date is February 28th, but Jen's expecting a bit of extra time. March 2015 sounds promising.
Are you going to find out the gender?
Yes, and it's a girl!
Does this mean Neil will have to buy a dress at some point? Can we make this a spectator event?
Yes, probably. And no.
Are you going to tell folks the name?