Who is Neil Schelly?

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  • I am an introvert. I do my best work when I can focus on it alone, but I love the opportunity to cooperate with others to vet ideas.
  • I (over-)think things. I will put a lot of thought into any topic that matters to me. On any such topic, I can talk for way too long.
  • I am a car enthusiast. My favorite car I've ever owned was a 1988 Porsche Carrera I daily-drove for 5 years and ~75k miles between 2011 and 2016; I will have another Carrera one day. I love wrenching, driving, and autocrossing cars. Road trips are awesome.
  • I am an amateur photographer. I shoot with Canon equipment. I shoot landscape and nature stuff for my own fun, but have done event, wedding, abstract, and portrait photography as well at times.
  • I am a traveler. As of July 2019, I've been to 44 states and 16 countries, and my 4-year-old has been to 25 states and 5 countries.
  • I am a father. My 4-year-old daughter is awesome.
  • I enjoy bonfires in our backyard.
  • I am trying to teach myself to play piano. I used to be a decent saxophonist, but I have always wanted to play piano for something that is more convenient to play occasionally.
  • I am a coder and lifelong hacker/hobbyist with technology.
  • I follow politics. I am primarily a Libertarian, but many people just consider me a moderate independent.